October 25, 2017

Avast! 2017 Premier x86 x64 Sugar download torrent

Avast! 2017 Premier

Avast! 2017 Premier x86 x64 Sugar download torrent


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Avast! 2017 Premier

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Avast! The first components of 2017 +

Avast! – Anti-virus software is completely detected by the hard drive, its memory, boot sectors, etc. You can search for e-mail, built-in script blocker viruses. Recipes can be downloaded for several times, one day, and downloaded over the Internet. Avast! It has a modern skin-friendly interface.

The main features of Avast!

This prevents the spread of viruses and spyware

help syabradasvedchany get it

safe trading andndaonishughuli bank

Help with security software

This allows hacking attacks

Personal data protection

It prevents spam from iliyokasirika

This prevents damage from attack

Main part of Avast! The Prime Minister:

Antivirus This prevents viruses and spyware.

help Helping your friends to help you with computer problems.

SafeZone. Bank and commercial securities on the Internet (for example, air).

Sandbox prapanovyzabespyachenne virtual environments (your njePC) to view Web pages and run software.

SoftwareUpdater. automatically update zuensoftware.

In places of access It allows you to access the remote computer.

The advantages of Avast! Premier Antivirus:

You can be assured of our best protection. avast! The Prime Minister is better than our current solution, Internet Security includes the fighter to erase sensitive data without recovering new data on the hard disk; Support for asablivastsaddalenaya, which allows a user with a wet litawa and equipmentasked a friend / family; As well as the tasks Software Updater performs to update everything you use to make use of the software, it is required for heavy and / or heavy security.

You no longer have to worry about the zisizotumwa software or the best case. Only feature Avast! The Prime Minister’s new feature automated software allows you to download the latest updates and newsletters, which you urazlivastsyavVyadoma, security.

great At work, did the failialiyaa take her home? Access anywhere! Premier remotegives a computer connection.

No trace left on the local hard drive. If you want to donate or donate to your old computer, this is the best way to avoid data loss. Normally, deleting data completely removed only references.
ABBYY FineReader 12 x86 x64 Download Torrent Warranty Our Data Shredder! The Prime Minister deletes the files permanently, so they can not be achieved through hardware or software. accident overwriting, through Dodna Gutman: it can be done in three ways.

ExploreTalk to your friends without hassle. Sandbox allows you to even check the malicious plan in the context of the virus web pages (a computer). The screen on our website, including shields for instant messaging protection and P2P security in social networks (for example, Facebook or Twitter), for friendship, chat and internet (for example, Skype or ICQ) and colleagues to take a closer look to share files.

Use protective benefits for making lisi.Vifunguo cloud technology cloud technologyIf transferring your computer to real time as your program ensures! The definition of virus in our laboratory is only known as a virus.

Expect to know it before making a click of the mouse. Data Our work FileRep cloud storage files with millions of features, so we can advise you before file attributes.

Management Avast! All devices I have your Avast account on your personal directory, and I have all the data working with avast! wotedesktop and your mobile device. In addition, every monthWe have prepared a security report, which gives us a brief explanation of the necessary information (for example, the number of infected sites is closed).

Get access to expert networks with the help of users. The feature allows us to support your laptop to help you connect your laptop and your family or friends to your computer. pratseduryUse the Avast server by firewall and can be interrupted by the sides at any time.

Changes to the 2017 Avast edition:

Reliability and simplicity on Imeundwanaeye It is a press program, I have read the security and performance of your PC system with a password and reputation in the home network.

Playing? Now, without interruption. The new gaming system, with Windows system software all messages, as well as paid publications with Avast, to open the PC nakamputar power isiyopunguzwa enjoy the game process.

Parser behaved. We not only look at the harmful code application. Now, we also monitor the behavior of any suspicious activity.

+ —————- +

| | Howapply |

+ —————- +

1) Open the instructions

TechTools / ThumperDC



October 24, 2017

Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 fast-dl download

Adobe Illustrator CC 2017

Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 fast-dl download


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Adobe Illustrator CC 2017

Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 (x86 / x64)

Make beautiful vector art. The standard vector graphics application lets you create logos, icons, sketches, typography, and complex illustrations for print, internet, interactive, video, and mobile devices.

Her Illustrator, like you never beforeI saw him.

the latest edition helps you create accurate pixel precision, work smoother with fonts and hieroglyphs, and start with your templates.

– Create pixels perfect artwork for drawing by simply drawing paths and shapes matchwith the pixel network.

– Select the entire shredder or select individual assets from one or more snippets and export them to multiple sizes, resolutions, and formats in a single click.

– Access to Adobe Stock is easy, including new design templates, images, graphics and our newpremium collection from the Illustrator search box.

– Faster development of definitions and templates for brochures, business cards, etc. Access to them is from the File menu.

Go from the sanctuary to the brilliance.

The Illustrator is part of the Creative Cloud, which means you can get itaccess all of your assets, including Adobe Stock in the app, and quickly turn a blank page into a beautiful artwork.
With Adobe CreativeSync everything is connected through desktop and mobile applications.

All your money. Always on top of your fingers.

creatively cloudlesslibraries store all of your brushes, shapes, colors, font styles, Adobe Typekit fonts, and other creative resources so they are instantly accessible for desktop and mobile devices.

Adobe Stock is built from inside

Try less search time and more time to develop morefrom 60 million high-quality images, graphics, videos, 3D objects and our first-class collection in your applications. With built-in web templates, prints, mobile phones, and so on. You can immediately dive into your projects.

Do something now.

make the most of Illustrator and CreativeCloud with our latest graphics projects, mobile and web design and many more.

What’s New in IllustratorCC (2017):

– Make the perfect image in pixels

– Faster typing fonts

– It’s easier to work with hieroglyphs

– Start faster

availability and search templates

– New creative opportunitiescollaborative libraries

– Improve the ad unit

– Introducing the Tikit market

– Improved font and text

– Click to enlarge it for selection

– A modern user interface

“And much more

System Requirements:

Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor

– Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1),Windows or Windows 10

-1 GB RAM (recommended 3 GB) for 32 bits; 2 GB RAM (recommended 8 GB) for 64 bits

– 2 GB free hard disk space for installation; additional free space required for installation (can not be installed on removable flash drives)

– 1024 768 display (recommendedis 1280 800)

– To display Illustrator in HiPI mode, your monitor should support a resolution of 1920 1080 or higher.

– OpenGL

– To use the new Touchscreen in Illustrator, you must have a Windows / 10 Windows (Microsoft SurfacePro 3 Recommended).

– Additionally: useGraphics processor performance: Video, Intel, NVIDIA, or AMD video adapter listed below (recommended for medium / high level) 1 GB VRAM (2 GB recommended) and the latest drivers for optimal productivity




September 30, 2017

Smadav 2017 Pro Windows XP/7/8 portable download torrent

Smadav 2017 Pro

Smadav 2017 Pro Windows XP/7/8 portable download torrent


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Smadav 2017 Pro

Smadav 2017 Frank:

+ Add new virus database 3064,

+ Increase the protection and purity of viruses,

+ Installation failed in Windows XP / Vista and DEP failed in Windows Server,

+ Additional dates for automatic quarantine and quarantine,

+Change the differences between pages between Free and Pro versions.



September 27, 2017

Micosoft Office 2013 download free torrent

Micosoft Office 2013

Micosoft Office 2013 download free torrent


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Micosoft Office 2013


O Professional Professional 2013 Click to expand

with modern software todos os. Oil Oils, Butter Oils Online text without SkyDrive for better use.


O 2013 2013 Professional Expert Project 2013 there are no pitfalls of projects and cooperation projects, better performance.
Mantenha-se organizado e

project management of the project project planning project for outplicativos da project

Microsoft and Project Project Services2013 are translated by an independent software or delivery program as a service provider.


O Visio Professional 2013, but fcil defines usage definitionsdiagrams of profissionais and instructional titles

quesimplificam reports complexas. Ele, including as funcionalidades, to make Visio Standard 2013, with your comments, modelos and estualizados;

Include equipe em equipe, which is not known for a long time without seasonal events;

e praised them for flower chartsfather.

O Visio Professional2013 year Tambm Acrescenta Estnceis Adicionais covers the devastating damage; processo diagrams (including Notao e

Modelo running Empresarial Processo); maps and plants; royalty schedules; Software and Dados Banco Systems.

For more information, visit:

What’s New:

Open theMicrosoft Office, you will immediately find new projects and notifications. Nevertheless, both old and old functions did not die and were added to new functions that help them work more efficiently. New office applications can also be used on mobile phones, tabletsPC and cloud environments, even on a computer without a specific Office suite. Now important files are always available to you, wherever you are, with any tool or used.

Use Office from anywhere

Configure Office using the Microsoft account.

Use the program foruse on another computer.

Save the file to SkyDrive for easy access and release.

Use your personal style to customize wherever you are.

Collection and exchange of files in a cloud cloud is available at any time connected to the Internet. Now you can easilystore Office files on SkyDrive or on the organization’s website where you can use text documents, Excel logs and other Uniform files for other users. You can even work with the file at the same time.

Joint meeting. Connect an online meeting and use the PowerPoint slide,Word documents, Excel logs, and OneNote notes.

Participants can see the file, even if they do not have a set of them, Office is installed.

There were more parameters. Instead of an empty file, you can select the last file or favorite template. For OneNote, you can register and open a laptop from the Internetor from a PC.

Save and open easily. You no longer need a long-term view and go through the chat windows. Its most used file, you will immediately see. You can also set your location at any time.

The key to open the file. All parameters collectedin Office programs are selected where they can be opened by selecting the “File” tab. Click Share.


The installation is the original manufacturer of Microsoft Office 2013 with an integrated update in three languages ​​(English, Russian, Ukrainian) and other services that can simplifyinstallation and postpone it for obtaining final information.

General information:

Language: English, Russian, Ukrainian Activation: KMSAuto Lite and tools for Ratiborus: Office tab – switch between files and tabs (for example, the browser)

KimyaUfungaji created a .msp file (MSP folder) and, if necessary,You can do this with your Office Customization Tool. For more information on how to use OCT, please check the following: During installation, it is recommended to disable the antivirus solution – the process will be faster and the probability of successful implementation will increase significantly.

Quietoptions * (used):

/ O86U – Office packaging (x86) and update

/ O64U – Fixed installation (x64) of Office and updates

/ O86N – silent installation Office (x86) without updates

/ O64N – (x64) and updates / V64U – without installing Visio (x64) and updates / V86N – silent installation of Visio (x86) without updates / V64N – noiselessinstallation of Visio (x64) without updates / V86U – x64) without updates / P86U – Silent installation project (x86) with updates / P64U – Silent installation project (x64) and updates / P86N – Silent installation project (X86) without updates / P64N – Silent Installation (x64) without updates / UP2013 – install updates/ KMS – activation / TAB – installation Tab Office / S – hide the development window. For example, the command / O86U / V86N / KMS / tab installs the x86 office and updates, X86 Visio without notification, deletes all products and sets the office tab for exo GB versions, so start as follows:. -nr gm2 “% TEMP% OFFICE2013” / O86U / V86N/ KMS / TAB

The name must be changed and compatible.

* Do not install products for individual periods at the same time (Office x64 Visio and x86)


September 5, 2017

Malwarebytes Premium 3 buzzy Free Download Torrent

Malwarebytes Premium 3

Malwarebytes Premium 3 buzzy Free Download Torrent


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Malwarebytes Premium 3

================================================== ================= ================================= ==========

Visit us at:

================================================== ================= ================================= ==========

Malvarebites Premium FINAL + Riss

Malvarebites’ Anti-Malvare is a great application against malware, which even completely removes the most advancedmalware and spivare. With one of the fastest and fastest quick scans and malware removal skills on the market, the program is a great way to get your computer started and launch the perfect addition to your computer’s defense. The full version of the product includes a number of key features, including the abilityplanning updating and scanning, and most importantly, real-time malware protection modules that block malicious processes before they begin to fully.


cleansing of infections

Detects and removes malware on infected computers with leading anti-malware, anti-spyware and anti-rootkittechnologies. Scans the latest and most important threats Safely remove the malware.

Prevention of HIV infection PREMIUM

Keep walking in the background and stop the infection before it appears. Scans automatically and stops the attack attempt.

Blocking malicious websitesPREMIUM

Stopssites that provide malicious programs or sites that run using affected software

Scroll PREMIUM faster

Target only active threats in Hiper-Scan mode for faster analysis. Malwarebytes Anti Exploit Premium 1

Hidden from malware PREMIUM

Use exclusive Chameleon technology to preventMalware stop malvarebites or change the process.


Anti-malware and anti-spyware

Proactive heuristic scanner engine

Small system footprint

Malicious sites are blocked

Three scanning modes

Compatible with old security solutions

console to manage

Scalabilitycompanies (Thousands of endpoints)

Push installation functions

Active Directory integration and synchronization

Virtual Simulator Exchange

Email notification

—————- +

| How to use |

+ —————- +

1) Open and read the instructions

In review:

All comments on quality are appreciated

ThumperDC/ TechTools

================================================== ================= ================================= ================= ================

If you need help, please post them on our forum, thank you

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August 26, 2017

Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 Windows XP/7/8 Torrent

Autodesk AutoCAD 2017

Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 Windows XP/7/8 Torrent


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Autodesk AutoCAD 2017

Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 (x64)

Create great designs and accelerate documentation with productivity tools in AutoCAD.

What’s new:

– Improved 3D editing with AutoCAD LT. For those involved in 2D development and design, it is difficult to exceed the latest version of AutoCAD LT. As for the 3D features, it is not enough. Now we know that you can get more bonuses on some Autodesk products. Get more 3D versatility, but forMany small businesses that have already said that LT is expensive, we want to see simpler 3D options.

– Return the view of the classic workspace. If you’ve been an AutoCAD LT user for a long time, you’ll be stunned that the Classic Workspace presentation is no longer available in the eternal 2016 (subscription plan). The new workspace interface differs greatly when upgrading to an older version, take time to work with the software effectivelyto become. Although Autodesk has made its decision to remove this idea as a natural evolution to a more modern and efficient interface, we would like to see this option back to those who want it.

– Improved management and support of digital rights. AUTODESK AUTOCAD V2015 Download Torrent Autodesk has a very bad configure license management and almost no support when you are holding on to the activation new. In the 2016 version, we found that many customers complain,That they can not activate their new licenses with an existing AutodeskID account when they try to install software that I have already installed a version of Autodesk. The only workaround was to remove the test versions of the software and reinstall them under the new Autodesk ID. We hope that after the 2017 version the process settings will be improved.

About Autodesk:

Autodesk helps people to imagine, design and create a better oneWorld. Every designer, engineer and architect for Autodesk digital artists, students and fans, to decipher creativity and solve important tasks.

Name: AutodeskAutoCAD

Version: (64 bit) 2017

Start page:

Interface: English

Operating system: Windows 7even / 8/10



August 25, 2017

Adobe Photoshop CS6 update download torrent

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop CS6 update download torrent


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Adobe Photoshop CS6

Windows System Requirements

Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor

Microsoft Windows XP * with Service Pack 3 or Windows 7 with Service Pack 1


1 GB of hard disk space available for installation; Additional free space required during installation (can not be mounted on removable flash memory device)

1024×768 display (1280×800 recommended) with 16-bit color and 512 MB VRAM

OpenGL-enabled system

DVD-ROM drive

This software does not work. No activation. ConnectionBroadband internetAnd registrationis required for software activation, subscription confirmation and access to online services. Phone activation is not available.

* 3D functionality and some GPU-capable features are not supported on Windows XP.

Changes in version:

* Adobe Photoshop updates contain many key improvements that improve security, stability, and performance while providing a series of high priority bugs with 3D, Plants, Types, Drawings, Paths and

Language:Malay, German, English, Espanol, Franais, Franais *, Hebrew *, Hungarian,Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Suomi, Svenska, Turkish, Ukrainian, Cetina, * ,,,,

* Arabic and Hebrew supported in Middle Eastern version with full support right to left language, Arabic / Hebrew function and English interface; Even in French North Africa (Franchise *) with right-to-left support, Arabic / Hebrew function, and French interface.
Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 32Bits


Ao terminar de baixar, nextSemeando, para que outras pessoas tambm possam baixar esse arquivo.

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July 29, 2017

VMware Player 12 Download

VMware Player 12

VMware Player 12 Download


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VMware Player 12

Convenient way that the virtual machines that you might not be able to damage your having to install real software on your computer system. If we had not used virtual machines, VMware Player is a great way to start.
AOL Media Player 0 Torrent Download

VMware ludiuspossunt be used by anyone to run virtual machines on a computer running Windows, and the door is completely secure environment. Here is a good as a new one to try the software, we will do this every day, Softonic, or provide for the current series of probatsenDanar the true ministers of God in your computer system.

“TreatmentMachine ‘use your VMware is a player can be created, if you have the original 400 or ISO file. Just configure system settings (hard drive size, RAM, etc.) in a few simplexstep and ready to go.

At the two operating systems work.

Safe and easy testing of software on your PC, VMware Player offers great sposibprosto to run operating systems.


July 17, 2017

NBA 2K14 Torrent Download

NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 Torrent Download


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NBA 2K14

Every year, at the start of the NBA season, NBA 2K14 for all basketball fans, you will be able to see the new bestbasketball simulatorraren.

2014 edition is the way the game is presented by LeBron James and the Euroleague teams will be celebrated one long day.NBA 2K14 The Best Basketball GameDid it ever make sense?

LeBron James, the star of this year

NBA 2K each with his character, and this time he da James LeBron. Miami Star is concerned, a basketball star when a video presentation.

LeBronenThis is great on the road, which will help you on the road. NBA 2K11 Michael Jordan, in a way similar to the wayOn which it is intended, LeBron James worked 2K14 allows you to drive. The difference is not in existence, before workLebroon, as we have with Jordan, it is a victory gehienAzken well.

NBA 2K14 allowed two situations. At first, LeBronek Miami will continue to peak performance and its second, PoDamn it with another group. In both cases, there are many challenges waiting for you, to reach 99% of the statistics allowed by LeBronek.

Unfortunately, it is not a way to play more than one batch of the script, linear as convincing. If you choose LeBron zenTaldea much better, but you can not.

NBA2K14 is an important innovation for 14 Euroleague teams. Lebron will not do it, Barcelona, ​​CSKA Moscow, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and other big groups in Europe to participate in the show.

It’s not what we want to play fast prestatzeaJoko that is not the way the game is dedicated to the Euroleague group.

Of course,We must not forget these are just two of the stable of the game.NBA 2K14 is a franchise with all the classics: A player from my racing and training model my online.

These methods have been developed, but this game is becoming the number one game in the NBA. On the other hand, are moduaitzuli my team. This way, friends and yesCompeting on the internet your players from my players can take part.

The game feels perfect

NBA 2K14 in an improved semigram. A very important thing you will notice if used to control the right analog stick (Pro Stick ™) is used, it will give you something to doWith the ball, plans for the game.

HauekAldaketak’re is trying to facilitate access to new players by providing easy control. However, you should be careful not to be too long to make an analog stick, you need to make shots inaccurate risk of fire errors. If you useSoap on the left control button is the emergence of taldekideentzako.

Users can take advantage of additional movement of the ball or pass a block (between the legs, back, return) Through). Locks are improved and we want children and locked (Dog t) to get out. There is more to limitWeapon spirit!

Artificial intelligence has improved, therefore, it is very difficult to break the defense. Powerful and better free throwing of the site, so it will be very difficult to overcome. Now, they can not be fair to the players, but the space and the need to find the right mixdituzteBota ballOr pass.

By pressing a single button, you can get the support of the tactic on a circle and the gray is displayed in a court position, playing a ball, or reaching your teammates to increase.

In general, the NBA 2K14 is a great sense of the game with a wide range of strategies and control.

I wantTo watch TV

A 2K series has always been the power of presentation with a bang. Every year, NBA games and thinking best represent the experience of watching TV.

Presenting the stage, listen fun and atmosphere iruzkileak 3000 new life, both in and on the screen.

LifeWill be shown in more detail in the reactions of players “After injecting a great passion or badly after frustration. DutenekNBA followed the match, some players movements and views recognized, thanks to Chen’s activities.

Also, in addition, the NBA 2K14 has fixed some errors, Especially inBlocks and bounces (a ball before the passage of weapons). Now it’s working and how players react to any situation.

Regarding the way LeBron played with playlists. Kanye West, Nas, DaftPunk, Gorilaz and many others are in the game zaraSteve Kerr, Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg Voice Writers. As always, the NBA2K14 is only in English.